11. Roberta Goldman


Exhibiting at: Stamford HUB
138 Layden Lane, Stamford, NY 12167
607 435-6969

BS in Public Health Nursing from UB Buffalo in 1968. Married with two grown kids with children. Nurse for over 20 years. Earned an MFA from Albany around 1997. Did Photography, Sculpture and Fiber art works.

“I’ve always been especially interested in fiber. I sewed for people when kids were young. Then learned weaving and finally found felting about 7 years ago. I Live in So Gilboa with my husband Jeff on the property where I was raised but in a new home and love it.”

goldman3_240px“I have worked with fabric and now fiber all my life. I learned sewing and embroidery as a child , Then knitting, and weaving. I had always wanted to learn how to make my own fabric and finally happened on the chance at a workshop through UCCCA a few years ago. I have become addicted to it and have been learning several techniques and  projects through workshops  and experiment.. Many of these are taught by the major felters all over the world. It is an ancient technique, the initial way people made fabric. I now continue to learn new techniques and sell some of the works. I make scarves, shawls, purses.table runners, pillows and wall hangings. I also make some jackets and vests for myself.  I draw my ideas mainly from nature  and intuition.”


Driving Directions to:
Stamford Hub, 138 Layden Lane, Stamford

Heading towards Jefferson on Route 10, make a right turn onto Cape Horn Road.
Continue on Cape Horn, at Layden Lane make a right turn and go up the gravel drive to number 138.