16. Travis Rodgers


Travis Rodgers
Stamford, NY 12167
Phone: 585 749-6960
E-mail: travis.rodgers@gmail.com

Exhibiting at: Stamford Hub
138 Layden Lane, Stamford, NY 12167

“Art and working with wood have been a part of my life since I began walking over to my dad’s toolbox or mom’s inventory of art supplies and started ‘making home improvements.’ I am the son of Toni Layden-Rogers and grandson of June Lanigan.”


“I currently reside in Astoria, Queens and have to make due without a proper work area. Most of the work takes place in my small, one-bedroom apartment. The simple life upstate is an escape for me and inspires my work. I plan to start working on a real woodshop/studio in the country to take on larger projects.”


Driving Directions to: Stamford Hub, 138 Layden Lane, Stamford

Heading towards Jefferson on Route 10, make a right turn onto Cape Horn Road.
Continue on Cape Horn, at Layden  Lane make a right turn and go up the gravel drive to number 138.