17. Judy Thuss


428 Kim’s Way
South Kortright, NY 13788
Phone: 607 538-1383

Exhibiting at: Stamford Hub
138 Layden Lane, Stamford, NY 12167

Judy Thuss was born and raised in North Central Wisconsin, an agricultural and forested part of that state. After earning a BFA in fine arts with a concentration in painting, she worked for many years in graphics while pursuing painting as her true vocation.

During this time, Judy spent many vacations canoe camping in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Quetico Provincial Park in Northern Minnesota and Ontario, Canada. As she immersed herself in this wilderness, it became the source for her work. Then, in 2001 she was able to purchase property in Delaware County and live in the woods.


“Living here has given me the solitude I need as an artist, beauty right outside my window and, most importantly, a connection to a community of people that is vital, exciting and supportive. I love these eastern forests and find an abundance of inspiration that helps me to evolve my work. Recently this evolution has led to an interest in sculpting wood (some firewood is too lovely to burn) and combining it with other natural materials.”

“Using the wilderness as my frame of reference is of primary importance. Not only is it visually exciting but it also inherently spiritual. I have a strong connection to the wild, an awareness of the energies and patterns that we share with nature, a loss of separateness from the earth. My hope is that my work will take the viewer to new relationships with these places I find sacred.”


Driving Directions to: Stamford Hub, 138 Layden Lane, Stamford

Heading towards Jefferson on Route 10, make a right turn onto Cape Horn Road.
Continue on Cape Horn, at Layden  Lane make a right turn and go up the gravel drive to number 138.