18. Jess Zimmerman


Jess Zimmerman
E-mail: jessizak@yahoo.com

Exhibiting at: Stamford Hub
138 Layden Lane, Stamford, NY 12167


Jess is from New York State. He grew up with the influences of his talented family and formal education.

In his 20s Jess began creating art with oil pastels and watercolor. With this body of work, he has had the honor of selling around the world. His subject is inspired by nature and human interaction with the natural world.

In high contrast, Jess sees light and shadow in a full spectrum of color. He is excited to share his creations by selling to a broad range of patrons, from greeting cards and affordable gifts to unique and commissioned pieces.


Driving Directions to:
Stamford Hub, 138 Layden Lane, Stamford

Heading towards Jefferson on Route 10, make a right turn onto Cape Horn Road.

Continue on Cape Horn, at Layden  Lane make a right turn and go up the gravel drive to number 138.