3. M.C. Guilmet


50 Maple Lane
Roxbury NY 12474

Born into 20th century America, MC Guilmet pursues art in the 21st century. Michael was raised in the richly historical states of northern New England. He’s lived a decade in the Deep South, and another decade in Beverly Hills. Fifteen years spent in extensive travel through the cities, towns and landscapes of America have chiseled his point of view and give form to his voice.

“Painting is an insatiably selfish activity. The genesis is the irrepressible human need to acquire meaning through visual perception. It’s an exploration of an abstract concept intentionally expressed in paint; a process of intention, exploration and realization for which decisive expression conveys meaning.”


The influences that shape his work span a continuum of artistic creation from antiquity to present. The artworks and theories of Renaissance, Baroque and 20th Century painters interest him most. From this inclusive position, Michael excavates the knowledge he seeks to reflect his own themes, dreams, and experiences.

“My paintings aren’t about ‘realism,’ or ‘imitation.’ I am not a naturalist painter. From the initial concept until the final brushstroke, the goal is art. There is no art in nature. The paintings purpose is its own existence. Through its being it might show you a slice of the world through new eyes, make you think a thought you never thought before, or evoke an unexpected emotion. Until seeing the painting, it has been beyond your personal reality. You might wonder what you see, or question its meaning, or it might bring you back to itself time and again. Until the final brushstroke, the painting is mine. When I’m done, the painting is yours.”


Driving Directions to: DISEGNO21 is 50 Maple Lane, Roxbury

Take 30 North from Roxbury, after approximately one mile, turn right at Hubbell Corners, a right on South Montgomery Hollow and a left on Maple Lane until reaching a white house with pink shutters.