4. Esther de Jong


50 Maple Lane, Roxbury NY 12474
E-mail: esther@catskillstylehome.com
Web: DISEGNO21.com

Born in the Netherlands, Esther de Jong was raised in Maassluis.

Esther began her career as a professional model in 1998, and has traveled the globe. Enchanted with the mystery of the natural world and various cities and their artworks, she discovered her passion for painting and poetry. In 2004, while living in Europe and maintaining homes in Holland, Paris and the Canary Islands, Esther relocated to New York City to attend the National Academy of Art and Design where she studied painting with Sam Adoquei.

The lyrical images Esther creates pursue a visual version of Poetic Realism. She makes pictures where heightened elements from the natural world reflect a dreamy version of an accentuated veiled reality.

“My work is born of a reference from nature, transcending an experience between the physical and the imagined. My search is for the spirit of poetry, which can always be found in the forms beyond present appearance.”

One summer, Esther decided to leave New York City to vacation in the Catskill Mountains. Drawn by the tapestry of beauty that has inspired people such as Washington Irving, Thomas Cole, Frederic Church and William Cullen Bryant, she quickly made the Catskills her weekend home.

Today she resides in the Catskills full-time with her family and is a passionate advocate for the area. She continues to travel and to explore the forests, water and fields of the Catskill Mountains where she draws, paints and writes her poetry.


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