5. Meg Leveson Studio

166-168 Dry Brook Road, Arkville, NY 12406
Phone: 845 586-3304
E-mail: megleveson@aol.com
Web: margaretleveson.com


In 1977, my husband and I purchased the property of turn-of-the century New York artists, Adah and J. Francis Murphy, founders of the Pakatakan Art Colony in Arkville, NY. Since that time, I have been painting images of my corner of the Catskills. Whenever possible, I work onsite. Of my 2015 solo exhibition at Longyear gallery, Catskill historian Bill Birns wrote, “Some things say, ‘I have been to Italy’; Margaret Leveson’s paintings say, ‘I am the Catskills.’”

As well as exhibiting in Longyear Gallery since its inception 10 years ago, I also show at Blue Mountain Gallery in New York City, where I have been having solo exhibitions since 1981. I received a BA from the University of Toronto in Fine Arts and an MFA from Brooklyn College.


Driving Directions to Meg Leveson Studio, 166-168 Dry Brook Road, Arkville

From Margaretville, drive east on Route 28 one mile toward Arkville. At the bridge, turn right on Dry Brook Road. Drive 800 feet to the dirt driveway marked 166-168 Dry Brook Road. You may park near the base of the driveway or drive uphill and park near either the first or second house. Then, proceed on foot uphill, following markers, about 100 yards to my two-story, red studio building.