6. Amy Morris Pickens


Amy Morris Pickens
E-mail: lerouxandcompany@yahoo.com

Exhibiting at:
Rosemary Farm Sanctuary
1646 Roses Brook Road
South Kortright, NY 13842


I live on a farm and take my inspiration from my surroundings: animals and nature. My soap is made by hand using great ingredients and leaves your skin happy! Always vegan, some bars are molded glycerin and some cut into classic bars; some are even organic.

Cosmetic-grade mineral colors, botanical inclusions, essential oils and phthalate-free fragrances make cleaning up with my soap a treat. Leroux & Co.


Driving Directions to: Rosemary Farm Sanctuary, 1646 Roses Brook Road, South Kortright, NY

From Hobart, take Back River Road (runs parallel to Route 10 on the other side of the river). Go through South Kortright and continue in the direction of Delhi for one mile; Roses Brook Road will be a left turn. Rosemary Farm is 1.5 miles down Roses Brook Road, on the right; 1646. There is a huge yellow barn — you can’t miss it.

Phone is 607-538-1200 if you get lost!