8. Timothy Touhey


The Gallery
128 W. Main Street, Stamford NY 12167
Phone: 607 652-4030
E-mail: tim@touhey.com
Web: touhey.com

From an early age, Timothy Touhey knew art would be his life and consuming passion. At age 13, he earned his first paycheck doing illustrations. As a high school student, Timothy achieved a degree in commercial art and went on to study at the school of visual arts in NYC where in his second year the president of SVA was buying his art.

Despite a number of detours, Timothy has continuously grown and intensified the focus on his personal path as an artist.

“As my understanding of art evolved through my studio work, an understanding of artists throughout history, and my studies at the School of Visual Arts, I realized the concept of art has many levels and directions. I began to find my path as a serious artist. I found that art equals energy in its creation or birth and that a work of art, when experienced for the first time, may evoke an internal and even cellular response, as well as an intellectual one.”

In 1996 after falling 40 feet off a roof, Timothy re-dedicated his life to his art. He began a nine-year study, a self- imposed challenge to expand his “visual equation” by working with the basic linear elements of tables, chairs and doorways.

“I could focus on the fundamentals of art: color, structure, composition, surface relationships, as well as movement and foreground. As a result, I attained new levels of understanding and ability. Before this ‘study’, I felt that I really didn’t have any unique subject that I could sink my teeth into, so to speak.”

Now, several years after emerging from that structure, Timothy’s art has taken the abstract direction of color and form with no limitations.

In 2005, Timothy was invited to have a solo exhibition at the United States of America West Point Academy where his work is now in their collection.

“Touhey is the quintessential expressionist, with boundless energy and determination,” said West Point Cultural Arts Director William Yost.

“In 2001 I opened my first gallery arts center on Main Street in Stamford named THE GALLERY. In 2010, Tim opened his second exhibit space, THE GALLERY EAST, also in Stamford.”

“The relationship and energy of color and form are the catalysts for my visual quest. I don’t seek a conclusion, but an attempt to have an ongoing moment of possibility.”


Driving Direction to: The Gallery, 128 W. Main Street, Stamford
and the second gallery: The Gallery East

From Grand Gorge, left on Route 23, 10 minutes to Stamford. Entering Stamford Route 23 becomes Main Street. The Gallery East is on the left — 71 Main Street. Continuing through Stamford, The Gallery is on the right — 128 Main Street.

From Roxbury, 6.9 miles north on Route 30. In Grand Gorge, turn left onto Route 23 northwest and follow for eight miles to Stamford. Travel about 90 feet to gallery location on West Main Street.

From Delhi, stay on Route 10 and as you enter the Village of Stamford at the traffic light see Stewarts Station, make right, travel 100 yards, see second traffic light, the gallery is on left corner.