9. John Virga


virga2_300pxBovina Brown Bats
1915 County Route 6
Bovina Center, NY 13740
Phone: 607 832-4880
E-mail: bovinabrownbats@gmail.com

Exhibiting at: Solveig Comer’s Studio
10986 County Route 18, South Kortright, NY 13842

John Virga of Bovina Brown Bats is a multimedia artist using a focus of woodworking and graphic design to provide classic form and functional goods for the 21st century.

Combining environmentalism and art, John builds and installs specifically designed Little Brown Bat homes which was the passion project that started it all.



Driving Directions to: Solveig Comer’s Studio, 10986 County Route 18, South Kortright, NY

From Stamford, take Route 23 (toward Roosevelt Ave.) and turn left on County Route 10. After 3.6 miles, turn left onto Maple Avenue (County Route 18). After 210 feet, turn right on River Street *CR 18) and proceed 3.6 miles. The last intersection is Madison Hill Road.