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My painting mediums and tools change with the passage of the seasons. Spring and summer’s warm weather draws me outside to paint alla prima, en plein air with watercolor. In the fall when the weather cools I move into my studio to paint in oils, using my watercolor paintings from past summers to influence and inspire the subject matter of my oil paintings. I am not interested in recreating a faithful record and I do not take photographs. I depend on the watercolor paintings and my memory to create the fanciful compositions that reflect the mood and aura of a particular area.

The colors on my palate are saturated and bold. Oils, for me, are large. The tools required fill my hand and the paintings show clear and intentional evidence of the artist at work with the palette knife.

My work is in institutions across the northern New York state and North West Massachusetts. Four oils have hung in recent Cooperstown Art Association National Exhibitions, NY. My painting, “Winter Window” hung at the 83d National Midyear Exhibition, The Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH, 2019.

Phone:  845 372-3840