AMR Artist Inc.supports a vibrant cultural life for our community by promoting and advocating on behalf of the area’s artists and cultural institutions. Now a 501c (3), our non profit group recognizes that a creative environment is an essential component of energetic civic life and sustained economic growth in the community.

GOAL: The AMR Artists Inc. strives to strengthen the area’s arts through funding, visibility initiatives, networking with local galleries, businesses, and chambers of commerce.  We provide umbrella support and advocacy for the arts within our community. Our goal for 2022 is to secure our area of Eastern Delaware County as a vibrant regional hub for celebrating creative and cultural experiences.

HOW: With this intent, we plan to expand beyond the singular event of the annual open studio tour and create a strong and visible community for our artists.  We hope to create more synergy between local artists, seasonal tourism and local businesses in our regional hub of the Catskills.

AMR Artists membership would include:

  • Publicizing artist events on our website and facebook page.
  • Establishing pop up events within our community and local galleries.
  • Creating workshops that address artist’s business and marketing needs.


  • Volunteers to develop new avenues for presenting and marketing AMR Artists through networking with local galleries, chambers of commerce, and funding sponsors.
  • Curators to organize individual events

CONTACT: info@amropenstudios.org today to participate and to take an active role in putting our region on the map as The ARTS DESTINATION in the Catskills.