I’ve lived in the Catskills since 1979 and love it here. When I retired I had more time to delve into the creative arts. Now I find it fills my soul and my days in the most magical way.

Artist.   Sharon Suess
Address:  239 Halcottsville Road, Halcottsville, NY 12438
Phone:   607-326-4758
Web site:   Only Facebook…Sharon Brookhouse Suess,
Email:  suess@catskill.net

I’ve been fortunate to love every job I’ve ever had as a graphic designer. I could add a lot of places I’ve worked but who really cares? I’ve met many wonderful people and learned a lot from fellow employees. Now, I’m on a quest to make a Guinness World Record for the longest plastic pull-tab chain in the world. Guinness has accepted my challenge and I will be collecting pull-tabs until Earth Day 2023. You can find them on milk, cream and juice cartons. It’s also an environmental statement and shows how even the smallest pieces of plastic add up. “Pull Tab Challenge” is on Facebook where you can find more information.