Andrea McGinty’s found-object sculptures and photographic collages revolve around the baseline elements of existence that build the foundation for our relationship to society. Home, family, health, and nature have a tendency to become abstracted, politicized, and pathologized in our contemporary reality. The works are made in an isolated state as if she, or the character making them, is trapped alone at home rearranging their belongings and experiences in an attempt to find meaning. Hyperfocused on the individual, they filter the weight of the world through a preoccupation with memories, anxieties, fears, and the abstract nature of the unconscious mind. Using images and materials that mimic her personal domestic surroundings, she projects the absurdity, mundanity, and paranoia of perpetual, obsessive self-documentation and exploration. Her artwork betrays a longing for well-being and a tendency to channel those desires through capitalistic urges.

Address: Liberal Arts Roxbury, 53525 State Hwy 30, Roxbury, New York 
Phone: 646-705-1557 (Kevin Moore)
Website: /
Facebook/Instagram: @liberalartsroxbury / @lifecreep

Andrea McGinty (b. 1985, Sunrise, FL) is an artist and writer based in Hamden, New York. She received her MFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in 2014, and a BA in Art History from Florida Atlantic University in 2007. McGinty’s work has been exhibited internationally, most recently at Petra Bibeau (New York, NY), Lane Meyer Projects (Denver, CO), International Waters (Brooklyn, NY), Essex Flowers (New York, NY), and East Hampton Shed (East Hampton, NY), with forthcoming exhibitions at Rachel Uffner (New York, NY) and Lighthouse Works (Fishers Island, NY), and a solo exhibition opening at Liberal Arts Roxbury (Roxbury, NY) in May. Her 2022 solo exhibition Clint Eastwood at Sunny NY (New York, NY) was reviewed in The Brooklyn Rail. Her work has previously been featured in publications such as Mousse Magazine, W Magazine, The New York Times, and The Paris Review. She was awarded a fellowship with The Lighthouse Works (Fishers Island, NY) in 2018. McGinty is the author of “Ah Yes, Bad Things”, a photography and poetry chapbook published by Soft City Printing (Brooklyn, NY), and “God, I Don’t Even Know Your Name”, a novella published by Badlands Unlimited (New York, NY), which was released as part of Paul Chan’s Hugo Boss Prize exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum of Art.