Arts Inn showcases artworks in a beautiful Victorian home, art performance space and Inn. Our mission is to bring art to our patrons and the community and to help artists make a livelihood.  The studio tour at the Arts Inn will feature six of the currently exhibiting artists. All these artists share in the joy of color, form, and the play of light in natural and manmade structures.  Works at the Arts Inn are chosen both for their quality and for their compliment to the Inn’s décor and purpose: to welcome and inspire! 

Studio Tour Address: 923 Main Street, Fleischmanns, NY 12430
Phone: 201 245-4227
Facebook/Instagram: @artsinncatskills

Rani is a painter, potter and pyrographer. Her unique style “NIRA” which in Sanskrit means flowing like water, is her way of depicting the ever-changing flow of colors in life.  

Carol C. Young is a contemporary artist that depicts the landscape with bold and contrasting color. She is known for her barns and scenes that evoke a nostalgic emotion.

Prem Kumar is a master artist from the Warsaw Technical University Faculty of Architecture. Prem applies his architectural understanding of form and proportion to diverse mediums of interior design, illustration, drawing and painting. 

Jo Bajescu is a fine arts painter, Asian Art archivist and photographer.  Jo combines East and West sensibilities as she hones the discipline of the great Masters of oil painting.

Gariella Marsh is dedicated to depicting the beauty of the natural world.  Her animal and flower paintings reflect her reverence for their splendor. 

Jeff Schaer-Moses is a photojournalist from Teaneck New Jersey who now resides in Bushwick Brooklyn. His work has been published in Maxim Magazine, The Arizona Republic, Brooklynvegan, The Phoenix New Times, and many other publications