AMR Open Studios Tour Deadline: May 1st

Online registration is being accepted now through May 1, 2022. Are you hesitating due to social distancing safety concerns? Read on for some tips for a more open AMR Open Studio Tours: Let your indoor studio spill into the outdoors. Take advantage of your porch space or driveway.

Fred Woller

As a carpenter for over 40 years, I worked with architects who were very creative. Their work fit my sculptural way of thinking which was the basis for my original studio work. For the last few years I have done some reliefs, but for the most part my work has been in very large 2 dimensional format. Most  of my bicycle and bird paintings are larger 6’ x 5’, 5’ x 5’.

Robin Kappy

I have a philosophical interest in the topic of beauty. My drawings and paintings represent my unending appreciation for nature, around and within each of us. Drawing and painting are passionate endeavors and, like having an insatiable sweet tooth, the more I draw and paint, the more I need to. Working from life means being close enough to a subject for a direct and palpable felt-sense, while observing from far enough away allows me to see the design of the “whole picture.” Feelings for my subjects are implicit in each mark, insuring the work takes on a life of its own. 

Sheila McManus

I’m an observational painter, interested in light, color and values. Recently my main focus has been studying how colors interact. I try to paint a simple representation of the scene I’m observing, not getting too descriptive and detailed. Painting in the Catskills is a great challenge because the light changes so much and the feeling of a place varies so widely depending on the light. I love the feeling of time gone by in the hills and structures here.