Fred Woller

As a carpenter for over 40 years, I worked with architects who were very creative. Their work fit my sculptural way of thinking which was the basis for my original studio work. For the last few years I have done some reliefs, but for the most part my work has been in very large 2 dimensional format. Most  of my bicycle and bird paintings are larger 6’ x 5’, 5’ x 5’.

Ron Macklin

Ron’s paintings strive to provide joy, mystery and a sensitivity to places, people and objects. He wants to honor his subjects for their accomplishments and service by removing distractions and painting in a celebratory light. Subjects may be organic or man-made, commonplace or grandiose, newly-minted or weathered over many years. He usually paints familiar surroundings and that means rural subjects in the Catskill mountains and urban NYC scenes.

Deborah Ruggerio

Capturing the beauty of nature that surrounds me inspires me to create my art. Whether it’s in the solidarity of a rock formation or in the delicacy of the flower petals that bloom in the spring for only a short period of time, there’s a magnificent canvas to experience every day. All one has to do is take the time to look, see and experience. The Catskills provides many opportunities to experience the bounty of nature.