Fred Woller

As a carpenter for over 40 years, I worked with architects who were very creative. Their work fit my sculptural way of thinking which was the basis for my original studio work. For the last few years I have done some reliefs, but for the most part my work has been in very large 2 dimensional format. Most  of my bicycle and bird paintings are larger 6’ x 5’, 5’ x 5’.

Robin Kappy

I have a philosophical interest in the topic of beauty. My drawings and paintings represent my unending appreciation for nature, around and within each of us. Drawing and painting are passionate endeavors and, like having an insatiable sweet tooth, the more I draw and paint, the more I need to. Working from life means being close enough to a subject for a direct and palpable felt-sense, while observing from far enough away allows me to see the design of the “whole picture.” Feelings for my subjects are implicit in each mark, insuring the work takes on a life of its own. 

Sheila McManus

I’m an observational painter, interested in light, color and values. Recently my main focus has been studying how colors interact. I try to paint a simple representation of the scene I’m observing, not getting too descriptive and detailed. Painting in the Catskills is a great challenge because the light changes so much and the feeling of a place varies so widely depending on the light. I love the feeling of time gone by in the hills and structures here. 

Deborah Ruggerio

Capturing the beauty of nature that surrounds me inspires me to create my art. Whether it’s in the solidarity of a rock formation or in the delicacy of the flower petals that bloom in the spring for only a short period of time, there’s a magnificent canvas to experience every day. All one has to do is take the time to look, see and experience. The Catskills provides many opportunities to experience the bounty of nature.

Lesley A. Powell

Lesley A. Powell has been an artist all of her life. She was first a dancer, choreographer and now a painter. The love of movement, space, texture, the body, color and nature are major influences on her art. Lesley’s art deals with the ability to expressively change the space, whether it be the stage or the painting.

Lesley’s art journey ranges from watercolors, oils and collages.  Working on the canvass is now the stage for movement, line, color, texture and expression.

Helene Manzo

My work begins with nature observed.  History, literature, intuition and emotion help me interpret the experience visually.  Mark making, and color set the mood.  The palette, while related to reality is not necessarily naturalistic.  It often emphasizes the subtlety and power of a single hue.  Gradually, the work evolves from an observed landscape to one of personal feeling, dreams and memory.

Oneida Hammond

“I paint my surroundings and strive to provide the viewers with just enough suggestion and information, always respecting the characters of the subjects.”

Susanna Clemm

Studio tour Address: Wawaka Grange HUB,
387 Halcottsville Rd.
Halcottsville, NY
Phone: 607-326-4409
Web site:

Susanne Fortin

Studio Address: 27 Delaware Avenue, Andes, NY, 13731
Phone: cell 276-790-7647
Web site/Facebook site:

Kathleen Green

Studio Address: Community Church 904 Main Street, Fleischmanns, NY 12430
Phone: 609-468-6912
Web site: Facebook:  Pencil Portraits by Kathleen