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For more than 25 years I have been inspired by the Catskills landscape and painting en plein aire.. Nature is truly at the center and I am humbled before her –my muse, my teacher and guide.  Her beauty is unrivaled, an infinite palette of hues and values, and it is always being transformed, changing from moment to moment, day to day and season to season, untamable, unpredictable and in a sense, unfathomable.  I am challenged to grow, to change with each moment, to give shape to vapor, and form to shifting planes.  Nature is never the same. Corot cautions “clouds that stand still are not clouds” and I need to respond with an immediacy that painting outdoors calls for.

I find myself painting through the seasons  these over 25 years in the Catskills – quiet snowy fields, radiant autumn roads, rushing waterfalls cascading with thunderous torrents of spring rain, and misty, country roads after the rain.  There is no formula to keep the paintings alive, to catch the quickly changing light, the clouds moving overhead, and so each painting has been a process of discovery and in many cases, I have returned to the same places multiple times to keep on trying to capture something of my experience there.  Sound and space have become so critical to what inspires me.  In the observation of the sublime and the ordinary  I find beauty in truth. In the rural and working landscape I find home.  

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