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EstherdeJong-Running Hands - OilPainting

The lyrical images Esther creates pursue a visual version of Poetic Realism. She makes pictures where heightened elements from the natural world reflect a dreamy version of an accentuated veiled reality.

“My work is born of a reference from Nature, transcending an experience between the physical and the imagined. My search is for the spirit of Poetry, which can always be found in the forms beyond present appearance.”

Esther de Jong
Address: 50 Maple Lane, Roxbury NY 12474
Phone: 718 801 9398
Web site:

Esther De Jong

50 Maple Lane, Roxbury NY 12474

Driving Directions to: DISEGNO21 is 50 Maple Lane, Roxbury

Take 30 North from Roxbury, after approximately one mile, turn right at Hubbell Corners, a right on South Montgomery Hollow and a left on Maple Lane until reaching a white house with pink shutters.