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After living in Manhattan for most of my life, being surrounded by trees was a stark contrast.  During my first year in Highmount full time, I observed the distinct seasonal changes in this region of the Catskills.  I love the immediacy of India Ink and the bravery of that first dramatic stroke onto paper.   The trees seemed brave too, inspiring me with confidence.  I did plein air drawings from August through November, observing their lush end of Summer to their hyper-active transition towards Fall-Winter.  While drawing them, I felt the transience of everything: light/shadow, time, illusion/reflection, sound, and myself- in that ever-changing landscape, where I discovered an order for me to capture.  I was especially interested in the trees’ relationship to each other, during their individual varying stages of losing their leaves.  I noted them reaching their branches out towards each other, which I understood as an undefined support system. I tried to represent the moment, allowing myself to lose graphic control at times to find the edge of that order.

Artist: Gail Freund
Artist Studio address:
54096 State Highway 30
Roxbury, New York 12474
Phone: (347) 443-2510

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