While Irina Grinevitsky’s background is in science, arts and crafts had always been her passion. She searches for meditation in activities such as ceramics, gardening, drawing, textile design, painting and cooking.

Irina comes from a family of multifaceted artists: her grandmother, an architect, was also interested in clothing design; a grandfather was a landscape architect and a sculptor; her father loved creating jewelry from exotic wood. And her mom showed her how to knit.

Grinevitsky now makes her home in New York City and has her summer studio in Halcottsville, NY. She is a part of Plainair Group and learned a lot from amazing fellow artist like Alex Travis, Robert Axelrod, Ros Welshman, and many others. Irina continues her art education online at Elena Tarutina School based in Moscow.

Before New York Irina lived in Illinois where she learned from distinguished ceramics masters at Evanston, Highland Park and Lake Forest Art Centers, and participated in annual shows.

Irina Grinevitsky has been designing jewelry and art objects using wood, ceramics and leather, and featured in following publications – “Leather Jewelry. 30 Contemporary Projects” as well at “Knit & Wrap. 25 Caplets, Cowls & Collars”. Jewelry and accessories Irina created had been successfully selling in New York City boutiques as well as internationally.

Irina Grinevitsky
Studio Address: 346 Halcottsville Rd, Halcottsville NY 12438
Phone: 347-218-3711
Web site: www.grinevitsky.com
Email: igrinev@gmail.com