“I am a contemporary American realist whose paintings and prints explore the relationship between people and their urban environment. My urban landscapes follow in the tradition of earlier realists such as John Sloan and Edward Hopper, depicting today’s modern life in the streets, while reflecting modern themes of isolation and disconnection. Recently my work has moved a bit into painting people in an interior setting, capturing moments of pensiveness and solitude.”

“I did not pursue an academic art education, but studied independently with printmaker Seong Moy, and painters Philip Malicoat, Victor Candell, and Leo Manso in Provincetown in the early 70’s. My process involves bold applications of energetic marks and strokes, producing an abstract interplay of shapes that fall into place when viewed from a distance. I am not interested in producing a literal translation of my subject matter, I strive to ride the line between abstraction and realism.”

Artist: Lisbeth Firmin
Address:Commons Building
785 Main Street 2nd Floor,
Margaretville, NY 12455
Phone: 607 434-2521
Website: www.lisbethfirmin.com
Email: lisbethfirmin@gmail.com