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I have been painting and exhibiting in the Catskills since 1977, the year my husband and I purchased our property in Arkville. The original owners were Adah and J. Francis Murphy, the founders of the Pakatakan Art Colony. The painting studio I have been using, that of J. Francis,was built around 1900, It is located on  the second floor of an old carriage house. It is spacious and features a large north facing window as well as a balcony. The building is located about 500 feet from the parking area. This will be the last time I will be showing in  this space as I am selling the property and am moving to a town house in  Halcottsville.  As well as reasonably priced art work it is perhaps the last opportunity to step back into the past here and get a sense of a bygone era.

Much of my art work is painted directly on site (plein air).  I aim to capture a sense of the region, the old barns, the remaining farms, the waterways, the hills, the forests. I work in oils and, occasionally in pastels. My style is loose, impressionistic, ,focusing on color and light.

Studio Address   166, 168 Dry Brook Road, Arkville, New York
Phone   846 586 3304
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