I have a philosophical interest in the topic of beauty. My drawings and paintings represent my unending appreciation for the beauty of nature, around and within each of us. Drawing and painting are passionate endeavors and, like having an insatiable sweet tooth, the more I draw and paint, the more I need to. Acquiring a “front seat” when working from life means being close enough to the mood and character of a subject for a direct and palpable felt-sense. Still, observing from far enough away allows me to see the “whole picture.” I am endlessly excited by the process of developing observational and artistic skills. Feelings of appreciation for something beautiful of my subject are implicit in each mark, insuring the work takes on a life of its own.

My tree-drawings, plein air and landscape works represent my appreciation for a felt-experience of textures, atmosphere, air and space in nature. I am motivated by the surprise and excitement of watching the work develop organically from life, memory and imagination. My work is primarily spontaneous and I am very inspired by the passage of time, just at the edge of the transition of afternoon into evening and within the expanse and boundaries of the paper or canvas.

Wawaka Grange
387 Halcottsville Rd Halcottsville, NY
Phone: 917-626-1517
Website:  robinkappy.blogspot.com
Email:  kappy.art@verizon.net

ROBIN KAPPY received her undergraduate degree from Parsons School of Design. She began her art career in the 1970’s as a commercial artist and illustrator for companies such as McGraw Hill, Bankers Trust, TWA and others. She changed her focus when she became a licensed social worker and psychotherapist in 1991. Missing art, in 2006, Robin began participating in classes and workshops with some of the finest artists and teachers in New York.

Working primarily from life, Robin is known for her “subway portraits,” portraits, still lives and landscape paintings. Her work has won awards and appeared in numerous venues, including groups shows at the Atlantic Galley and The Gallery at Eisenberg’s; the National Arts Club; the Salmagundi Club; Fishs Eddy Gallery; 61 Main Gallery; Commons Gallery and a solo show at Chelsea Classical Studio Gallery. Robin participated in the Hudson River Fellowship in 2013. She has received two honorable mentions in “American Artist Drawing Magazine” and was honored to have her painting “Carried Forward” selected for inclusion in a 2017 issue of PoetsArtists Magazine.