I’m sort of meditating on the world around me when I paint. I’m intrigued by the jumble of building styles and the traces of people who came before us when painting urban landscapes. And when I paint in the Catskills I always seem to focus in on the structures that people have built. I aim to simplify to basic shapes and colors but often get caught up in detail. A solid essence is what I’m going for, which is challenging since conditions are always changing.

Address: Wawaka Grange HUB,
387 Halcottsville Rd.
Halcottsville, NY
Phone:  917-862-1503.
Email: sheila.mcmanus@gmail.com

I studied painting at the University of Connecticut and graduated with a BFA. After moving to NYC I continued studies at SVA, Cooper Union and the Art Students League. I worked as a graphic designer for many years and am now happily painting full time in Halcottsville and NYC.