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I’m an observational painter, interested in light, color and values. Recently my main focus has been studying how colors interact. I try to paint a simple representation of the scene I’m observing, not getting too descriptive and detailed. Painting in the Catskills is a great challenge because the light changes so much and the feeling of a place varies so widely depending on the light. I love the feeling of time gone by in the hills and structures here. 

I always wanted to be a painter and I studied painting in college, earning a BFA at the University of Connecticut. I slid into design work and got sidetracked for many decades, winding up as a web designer in New York. We started coming up to Halcottsville about 15 years ago and I made lots of drawings of my garden. I studied watercolor with Alix Travis after meeting her on an AMR Studio Tour visit to her studio. After a while I went back to my original medium, oil paint, and for the last few years I have been painting landscapes in the Catskills in the warm weather. I live in NYC in the winter where I paint cityscapes, still lives and interiors.