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Simona David is a writer and media consultant living in the Catskill Mountains. For almost a decade, she has written extensively about art and heritage tourism. She is a communications and public relations consultant, author and is President of the Board of Directors of Writers in the Mountains and is a co-founder of the Greater Roxbury Business Association.

Simona’s most recent publication, How Art Is Made: In the Catskills (2017) is a collection of interviews with some of the world’s most accomplished artists who live and work in the Catskill Mountains. Five painters and illustrators, two ceramicists and printmakers, one sculptor, one weaver, and one writer discuss what inspires and moves them, what draws them to their medium of choice, what materials they use, how they approach a new artistic project, how they deal with setbacks, and how they celebrate success.

Artist: Simona David
Address: Wawaka Grange Hub
387 Halcottsville Road
Halcottsville, NY 12438
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