Atelier Aubergine* is a shop, studio and classroom dedicated to artistry through glass. You will discover form, function and beauty expressed in color, texture and the play of sunlight.

In the past decade working with stained glass became my passion; the accomplishment of designing a commissioned window gives me great joy. Seeing my work being enjoyed by friends and customers pleases me more. And sharing the knowledge and skill to pursue this creative activity with new students is rewarding.

In 2017, I started teaching stained glass classes in my studio in Andes. In the Introduction to Stained Glass Class students learn to create a small panel by cutting, grinding, foiling and soldering their pieces. Intermediate classes complete more complex pieces of the student’s design.

Between stained glass project commissions and teaching, I occupy my worktable and studio space by designing unique mosaic letters.

These mosaic letters can be found on Etsy at

Letters represent languages;Good signage is important. A creative mosaic letter contributes mood and artistry to an environment.

My work expresses my love of reading, writing and the beauty of the natural environment. *“Atelier” means studio in French and “Aubergine” is the French word for eggplant.

Artist : Suzanne Fortin
Studio Address: 27 Delaware Avenue, Andes, NY, 13731
Phone: cell 276-790-7647
Web site/Facebook site: