I have been weaving since 1980, producing handwoven textiles for the wardrobe and home under the tag line “BRING HOME THE COLORS OF THE CATSKILLS” ™.  Since 2016 I ‘draw with wool’ in weaving tapestries. These tapestries reflect the Catskill views and Biblical themes.   My spinning of locally sourced wools into various thicknesses and texture add further dimensions in my tapestries and textiles.

I have participated in the AMR Open Studios Tour since 2012, am a member of the Catskill Mountain Artisans Guild (for selling her textiles), and joined the American Tapestry Alliance in 2018.  (Winter Stream photo credit:  Jill Ribich, Catskill Images)

Studio Address:  424 Carr George Road
Roxbury, New York
Phone: 607.326.7662
Web site:  www.tabithagilmore-barnesstudio.com
Email:  tgbweavingstudio@hotmail.com